Nic-L-Inn Restaurant  

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Our Past Begins with Family

Nick Andriaccio, who is one of our original owners at Nic-L-Inn Restaurant in Frewsburg, NY, always had a passion for good food. He learned to cook by watching his mother create delicious meals for her eight children. In fact, she inspired our most popular appetizer, the Nicolino bread.

The Andriaccio's first venture into the restaurant business was in Buffalo, NY, at Gavin’s Grill, located on Chippewa Street, near Delaware Avenue. The year was 1974, and Chippewa Street had not yet achieved its renaissance. The street was a little rough, but the office workers in the area were happy to have a good lunch spot. They rented the space in a large building and were limited in expanding, so when the opportunity came to purchase the property that is now the Nic-L-Inn Restaurant, Nick and his wife Linda were excited to be owners.

The Nic-L-Inn was opened in May of 1980, with the help of family and friends. The location of being “in the middle of nowhere” proved to be a mixed blessing. It was a challenge to find at first, but once you did, you fell in love with the delicious meals, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. Hummingbirds surround the restaurant from May to September and black bears roam in the warmer seasons.

In 2015, Nick and Linda decided it was time for retirement and sought out buyers that would continue the traditions of family values and delicious food. Deborah Walston and Jack Kraatz answered their call.